Beautiful business conversations with Relae chef Christian Puglisi

Talking beauty with Chef Christian Puglisi. Christian is the founder of Relae in Copenhagen, it is of the only organically certified Michelin starred restaurant in the world. Christian shares his ideas and beliefs on why; the quality of food, quality of leadership and the quality of experience for his customers is key to a beautiful business even a way of living. We talk about authenticity, purpose, and whether one can really make great food without love.

Other topics: organic farming, provenance, the closeness to the soil, we are what we eat.

Christian says he has a great responsibility to turn his staff into great workers and precise cooks. What role does a good leader have, and what makes for a good teacher. Can they be combined? Which leads to the practice of craftsmanship — Relae has a craft approach to how it works. Christian explains, the beauty in the daily work is improving the menu, your staff, your surroundings, yourself.

We discuss Christian’s book which starts with the why rather than the how. The purpose that informs the work to be done. Yet some people think that philosophy, the thoughts and ideas that shape what you do are overrated. This is an interesting insight of how to approach ones work. Without the why, there really isn’t a meaningful how.

Conversations about Beauty – Christian Puglisi from Alan Moore on Vimeo.

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