Doing Beauty

Doing Beauty

Beautifully Crafted Businesses create greater value and are ultimately more profitable. What would your business look like if it were more beautiful?

Working directly with companies and organisations, I mentor individuals or teams, deliver inspirational learning as leadership programmes and advise on discovering unseen commercial opportunities. I provide businesses with a viable creative vision of what they can become, whilst keeping them honest and true to their core values. These companies emerge award winning, desirable and profitable Beautiful Businesses.


As a an artist, designer and business innovator, I aim to make every business as beautiful as possible. It’s something I have been doing all my life.

The lens of beauty enables more thoughtful design. It inspires the crafting of more meaningful products and services. It creates a resilient business, with a more committed workforce. Beautiful leadership brings out the very best in people so they feel inspired to do their best work.

Beauty is not a soft option, it takes hard work and commitment. But as I illustrate in my CEO guide, it can produce real returns for those who are willing to invest.

This is deep work as we are looking at the root of your creativity and leadership potential.

We will help to improve the work you do so that it becomes more meaningful and valuable. By enhancing the experiences you create, your products and services will be in greater demand. We will show how the quest for truth in what you make delivers more satisfying and sustainable results.

Beautiful leadership is tough. Making decisions in the short and long term requires compassion, empathy and discipline. Our retreats and programmes provide a framework which will help in your daily practice avoid making ugly decisions with the consequences that result.

Was thinking about you and your book a lot this week as we ran a collaborative workshop with our 1st year Fashion students and Ecological Architecture students facilitated by our institute of green investment. Pro Haim Dotan led the students in poetry writing on the first evening. Remarkable results – beautiful’

Patrick Gottlier
Master of Apparel and Product Design Shanghai DeTao Masters Academy

I don’t know how you do it – the symposia you ran has left us asking many questions of ourselves, as an organisation. But you have also shown us a path, that path is beauty.  I would not have used such a word before in the context of business. But now I and my company understand its power as well as its real potential. On that journey you took us away from buzzwords, and  gave, or more showed us a vision that is filled with practical optimism.’


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Beautiful outcomes

The Coca Cola Co: I mentored and advised them to discover the opportunity in wellbeing. This is now integrated into their global business portfolio. Wellbeing is currently a $1 trillion industry.

MacLaren Automotive: I hosted breakthrough leadership training in conjunction with Cambridge University and The Judge Business School that demonstrated how beautiful working cultures could increase performance.

Lawbite: I worked with this virtual law firm to identify market opportunity, enterprise design and business model innovation. They decided to crowdfund financing, and it was the fastest raise in UK crowdfunding history in 2013. They were voted in the top 50 most innovative companies UK 2014.

KPN: I worked with Holland’s largest mobile operator on a leadership programme on how KPN could become a more beautiful business.

Accel: I mentored Accel’s start-up teams to rethink and redesign business models. I also showed them how to deliver more beautiful customer experiences.

WPP: I provided briefings and talks on the impact of digital technologies to 100 CEOs of global digital business.

CVON: I helped this company identify the best opportunity for developing a mobile marketing patent portfolio. They exited to Apple for undisclosed sum.

Leading beautiful business

Our leadership programme will help you develop the skills to show up everyday and create beauty in your business. Let us know if you would like to join us.

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