Talking beauty

Talking Beauty

My talks are created from my book Do Design. Why beauty is key to everything and a lifetimes experience of being a designer, artist and business innovator. My purpose to show beauty as a frame for life is a philosophy and design capability, that enables us all to become better humans, better leaders and better makers of things that matter. Ultimately to create beautiful businesses that are regenerative, and profitable.

Topics for business

Why beauty

The business case for beauty
Why beautiful businesses are the future
Why purpose driven companies outperform their counterparts
Why beautiful leadership is the path to creating legacy
Why beauty helps us make better, wiser decisions
Why wellbeing in the workplace significantly increases productivity
Why Design rules
Why beauty is a verb
Why making better things for better reasons is now the hottest topic on this planet
Why supply chains can be beautiful too
Why beauty lends things their immortality

I also share my knowledge, and insights on:

The intimate and important relationship between beauty, craftmanship and design
Why beauty calls us
Elegance and design
Generosity as leadership
Work and meaning making
Time: the time it takes
Quality in all we do
Truth and beauty
Values as a foundation to everything
Optimism as a mindset
Collaboration as leadership

Some of my previous talks have been for, Ageas, Microsoft, Husqvarna, Interface, The Guardian, McLaren Automotive, KPN Holland, The Coca Cola Company, Robeco, Google, IBM, WPP, GSMA, The Brazilian Bankers Association, ACCEL, Sogeti, Filippa K, HP, The Hay Literature Festival, The Do Lectures, SXSW, as well as for business schools including MIT and Sloan School of Management. 

Whether at an intimate event, an away day, a conference or a team get together, I help people tune up their business to become beautiful and profitable.

The beginning of a beautiful future starts with a beautiful talk.

What fellow travellers say

‘Sometimes you just need to stop, step back and reflect to make things better.  We, as professionals, for whatever the reason, do not choose to make time for this on our daily routine. Thanks to Alan for giving us this opportunity by inspiring us to find the beauty in everything we do and to help us remember the real purpose of our being as a business. The journey to success starts with the quest for beauty.’

Ageas Portugal

‘Recently The Kiln Rooms were pleased to welcome Alan Moore to the studios to deliver a talk to our members. While the link between Alan’s work and a practical making space my not be the most obvious, we found that people, between thought and object, were intrinsically connected to both. Alan’s talk proved a provocative and inspiring start to many conversations around our makers work and how they perceive it, with particular consideration of it’s beauty. We hope that these conversations will feed back into the quality of production and also discussion within our community as our members continue to develop their practise. We’d like to thank Alan for is open dialogue and generosity of time and thought.’

Stuart Carey
The Kiln Rooms

‘We met a few years ago when you gave a mind-opening talk on a Hyper Island course on “Digital strategy”. I wanted to tell you that I really enjoyed your book Do Design: Why Beauty Is Key to Everything. I often think about it and it’s become a source of reference and inspiration for me in my work as well as in everyday life.’

Daniel Mair
Board Member Design Sweden

‘Was thinking about you and your book a lot this week as we ran a collaborative workshop with our 1st year Fashion students and Ecological Architecture students facilitated by our institute of green investment. Pro Haim Dotan led the students in poetry writing on the first evening. Remarkable results – beautiful’.

Patrick Gottlier
Master of Apparel and Product Design Shanghai DeTao Masters Academy

‘Alan is the best I know in describing, if not predicting, why the future of business looks the way it does, and knowing what it means. But more than that, he knows how to apply that connective insight and knowledge. Alan would be invaluable to any company exploring ‘what next?’ means to them and what they might do about it. Especially if they wanted to make it beautiful’.

Menno van Doorn
Director of Sogeti Labs Research Institute. CapGemini Group

‘I love working with Alan. He is dangerous, disruptive and difficult. These are rare qualities. He asks the difficult questions and disrupts what you think is right. In a world where you are just getting to grips with what is happening Alan will be dealing with what happens next.

I never come away comfortable after a chat with Alan, I am always motivated and excited – there’s dangerous for you!’

John Nolan
Manging Director Apollo20 All3Media Group

Thank you for such a profound and moving talk, for coming and for sharing all that time with us. Your story, the stories, ideas and was so thought provoking, moved me to tears a number of times and everyone who I’ve spoken to has said the same. What astonished me was how interwoven your talk was with all the themes of your book on beauty and design and how much sense that made to all of us’.


‘Hello Alan, I’m so pleased I came to your talk this morning, and I’ve just also enjoyed your book. I came today with my very ragged and struggling step family – and left uplifted and filled with positive energy to keep fighting the good fight for love and authenticity and beauty.  Wishing you all the best’.

Member Great Dixter House audience



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