Walk With Me Mentoring Programme

For the last few years I have been offering a Walk With Me. It’s simple, you come and walk, we make time to talk, reflect, find ways to explore your life, work, leadership, and personal development, through the lens of beauty.

I’m now offering a way to experience this online.

I use my experience as a human being – the good, the bad and the ugly – to help you know yourself more deeply and discover where you want to go next. I’ve been a designer, an artist, a leader, and a business innovator so I can offer you a lot of different perspectives.

As one walker wrote

What do you even call this? Mentoring, coaching, personal development? Consultancy? Or therapy? A hazing, perhaps. Tough love. Out here, on the flat lands, still with enough contour, enough shape to surface the ricochets of Alan’s searing honesty. Silence against such a canvas can be deafening and there are moments of silence. But somewhere between AC/DC and the teachings of the Buddha — our A to B — there is also humour, challenge, gentle provocation and storytelling. Always storytelling.

Familiar themes are recalled from Alan’s central thesis — the notion that all business, all life, can and should aspire to be more beautiful. That beauty is not a repose, suspended in aspic or framed in gilt-edged mahogany, time-bound and discretionary. It is democratic. It is motion. Beauty is a verb. In aspiring to be beautiful, as Alan says, ‘Why would you want to do it any other way?’.

From the practical to the personal, the line we draw (never a straight one) from these stories — of business and craft — to our own is really then about proximity, being close to one’s own story. Owning it and drawing on it.

Who has come for a walk?

Who has come on these excursions into the landscape, into ourselves? There have been entrepreneurs, founders, teachers, creative souls, leaders in a variety of guises. All are welcome. On the walk we find our equilibrium and what needs to come up, comes up. In this crucible of trust we can face real life issues with honesty.

I can help you with

  • Improving your creativity
  • Leadership
  • Dealing with personal issues that affect professional performance
  • How to make a better business for better reasons
  • How to reframe your life and work
  • I can offer my extensive network where its right to do so

Four to Six week mentoring programme

Not everyone can come walk with me. And now it’s even harder to do so.

I am offering places for a four to six-week online mentoring programme.

We will meet on zoom once a week where we can do the same work.

I will follow up with an email with links, reference and suggestions where I think these are relevant.

Our first meeting will enable me to understand your needs and I will then work out a progamme that will help you address the issues you are facing.


All conversations are confidential. No recordings, or information will be shared publically. From my experience over the last few years the topic of beauty is a deep dive in many ways. It can be transformative.

If you are interested

Email me alan@beautiful.business and we can set up an interview and see whether this experience is right for you.


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