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For some time now I have tweeted daily after my morning walk with my dog Piper. Inspired by the power of taking a walk, my offer to you is to join me for a “walking mentoring” session.

Walking is one of the best ways of doing this. Walking is also good for your heart, mind and body. Walking is a creative act, listening is a creative act. As a practice we are, ‘moving away from, then towards’. It’s all about looking forwards, walking with me whilst we explore your life, work, leadership, ‘personal development’, through the lens of beauty.

What does it mean to be a more Beautiful Human? What does it mean to be a more Beautiful Leader? What does it mean to be a more Beautiful Maker?

Who should come?

I am happy to walk with anyone: as I believe the lens of beauty can be valuable to all. You could be in business, at any level, or an individual who is just trying to make sense of themselves or their work. What I have experienced is business leaders, creative folk, individuals can and have benefited from these conversations.

How it works

We walk for two hours plus in the countryside, near where I live in Horningsea. It would not be strenuous exercise. If you have a dog, bring your canine friend too. The only caveat is your dog should like people and other dogs. I am open to meeting elsewhere, but this would need to be discussed.

After the walk, we would have some lunch at the local pub. The pub is dog friendly too.

Duration: 3 hours


All conversations are confidential. No recordings, or information will be shared publically. From my experience over the last few two years the topic of beauty is a deep dive in many ways. It can be transformative.

What does it cost?

You pay as much as you feel is right. It’s as simple as that. Your payment is based on your perception of value. Payment is made after we have met.

Book your place now if would like to walk with me. hello@beautiful.business

Or Via my contact form.

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