A poem about walking

We walked out

Step by glorious step

Each footfall into knowing each other

A little better

Becoming felt knowledge as

Time expanded our human nature

Vulnerabilities shared

Understanding narratives can hold

Us in our own solitary prisons

How to let go?

There is truth in beauty

Walking in beauty

We are naturally more truthful

About everything

Opens space for creativity

Healing, growing, seeing

Direction forming

Steps on a walk are purposeful

Purpose naturally flows

Heart sourced

To speak ideas aloud

Drawn from

Deepest sovereign wells

In forest sunlight

We speak of regeneration

Of self, world, language

Shifting perception of what can

Be done, why and how

Rhythm invites

What needs to be shared

On tongues

The unspoken is not ready

Later it will come

At running rivers edge

Silent contemplation

We are into the foundations of things

The surface left long ago


. . .

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