An investigation into the relationship between eudaimonia and creativity by Pauliina Valpas

I am fascinated by the connection between creativity, identity and wellbeing. Makers make for a reason. From my own journey, I know that making, and creating is central to who I am. Why? I don’t know exactly. Pauliina’s MSC research into eudaimonia and creativity, made for a fascinating read. Eudaimonia: Greek, means, “human flourishing or prosperity”.

MSc Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology 2019


The importance of innovation and creativity is undisputed in business today. Based on existing research it is known that wellbeing supports creativity at work. However, current knowledge about the relationship between wellbeing and creativity is based on a definition of wellbeing as hedonia. This may capture too narrow a view, and eudaimonia potentially offers a complementing perspective. The aim of this research is to explore whether and how eudaimonic wellbeing and creativity at an individual level at work are related. Using semi-structured interviews, the study explored the subjective experiences of over twenty people who view creativity as a critical to their work performance. The method used for data collection and analysis was grounded theory. Based on participants’ experience there is a strong relationship between eudaimonia and creativity. Four main themes were identified from the interviews: identity, drive, confidence and growth. These findings align with existing research which generally postulates that creative activity has a positive impact on eudaimonic wellbeing. Based on the current study there is evidence that the relationship runs in both directions, meaning that eudaimonia impacts creativity positively. The results have implications both on an individual and organisational level.


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