This Beautiful Life. How to design and make one. Workshop

This Beautiful Life. How to design and make one

Sat, 8 February 2020 | 09:30 – 16:30 GMT

Kettle’s Yard, Castle Street, Cambridge. CB3 OAQ


What would it mean to live a more beautiful life? How might our work be more beautiful? How might we do things differently? Could beauty help us draw upon our most potent creativity – then apply inspiring dollops of it to our world in meaningful ways?

Based on Alan’s book, Do Design. Why beauty is key to everything. This experience will help you understand why and how beauty is vital to leading a prosperous and purposeful life. Then inspire you to apply it on a daily basis.

  • Leadership as generosity
  • The importance and practice of craftsmanship
  • Beauty as a frame for life
  • How to increase your creative depth of field
  • How to reframe time
  • What it means to work from a place of purpose


Held in the beautiful and relaxed surroundings of Kettle’s Yard whose founder, Jim Ede, developed the house and its galleries to become a ‘way of life’ that perfectly demonstrates his practice of enduring beauty.


  • You’d like your life and work to be more joyful.
  • You are looking for an optimistic, engaging, envisioned way towards transformation.
  • You’d like to be a better human, innovator, maker, designer, artist.

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