Designing the designers for a more regenerative future

The Beautiful Design Project: is created for business leaders to reset their thinking and practice towards a more regenerative future, as well as providing the methodologies, skills and capabilities to build a business that will sustain them and the communities they serve over the coming years. Beauty is a verb. I do.

There is a business case for beauty
Our research shows it will be those that invest in regenerative business who will be the ones that endure and profit the most.

Our Project will be investing in world makers who will be collectively making a net contribution to a regenerative economy, as we seek to restore the equilibrium between our ecology, economy and the communities they serve. It’s the largest design brief ever, nothing is more important than this.

We are designing the designers for a more regenerative future.

Our proven methodology is based on the ideas found in Alan Moore’s two best-selling books, Do Design, why beauty is the key to everything and Do Build, how to make and lead a business the world needs.

We offer you 5 outcomes:
1. To reset your way of seeing the world, defining a North Star for your work
2. Create a blueprint for a more beautiful and regenerative career
3. A new way to think practice innovation
4. Design your own beautiful business model and role within it
5. Membership in network of like-minded thinkers, doers, makers, entrepreneurs and designers

We are now taking applications for our next cohort. Write: for more details.

This is Tim Galles – Chief Idea Officer at Barkley speaking about his experience of participating on one of our programmes


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