Designing a Beautiful Business at The Lost Gardens of Heligan

Designing a Beautiful Business at Heligan

The Lost Gardens of Heligan, Cornwall – 25 November 2022

In partnership with the Lost Gardens of Heligan you are invited to attend our one day programme on 25 November 2022.
This programme is designed for an intimate small group, to ensure a highly immersive and interactive exploration into the key themes of what constitutes a regenerative, therefore beautiful business and how to design one.

Introductory offer price : £500 per person (full price – £600). Including food and refreshments during the day, PLUS individual 30 minute follow-up calls, via Zoom and free tickets for the winter garden experience at Heligan.

Here’s what we will do

You will learn why beauty is the foundation for all life, and how nature’s regenerative design model can be applied to business.

You will get to explore how to design:

  • A Beautiful Business
  • Be introduced to the concept and development of the Poetic Brief
  • Work with the 13 Design Questions tool kit
  • Use the Beautiful Business Model Canvas
  • Learn to use the new metrics of a regenerative economy

This transformative learning experience is based upon Alan Moore’s books: ‘Do Design. Why Beauty is key to everything‘ and ‘Do Build. How to make and lead a business the world needs‘.

These books showcase some of the most pioneering organisations on the planet and are the prospectus for The Design School for Beautiful Business.

DS4BB is here to help unlock and create longer term strategic thinking, to identify and nurture new capabilities and to help shift our mindsets to an applied regenerative worldview.

Why Heligan? 

The Lost Gardens of Heligan is one of Europe’s greatest garden restoration projects. But it’s more than that, Heligan believes in the regenerative power of beauty. Not as an aesthetic but as its foundation.

It makes sense to take the Design School’s pioneering work and place it in an environment that inspires and reconnects us to the natural world. Heligan is that place.

Here’s what people are saying about us

Here is Tim Galles Chief Ideas Officer from the B Corp Barkley, based in Kansas city, speaking about his experience of participating in one of the school’s programmes.

“Alan Moore is the mastermind behind the most forward thinking business course I took earlier this year. The course beautifully weaves nature, philosophy and design with business and strategy.”

Guy Yango, Organisation Design and Policy Risk Mitigation

“The School’s foundations in beauty and design have a role to play to enable a means for thought processes of inclusion, strategy, direction and protocols, the building blocks to an operating protocol for Spaceship Eden 2.0 which in turn could be Spaceship anywhere.”

Sir Tim Smit KBE, Co-founder Eden Project

The Design School for Beautiful Business

We are a community of leaders, makers and doers, restoring the equilibrium between our economy, ecology and communities. We are designing the designers for a more regenerative future. Beauty is our homecoming. Beauty speaks a universal language and has the power to change the world. The more people we can inspire and engage through this simple yet powerfully optimistic idea, the more our world and humanity’s relationship with it will transform for the better.

To book your place send me a beautiful hello:

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