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Doing main

Doing Beauty

After one of our events someone said to me “Beauty is a verb. I do”. I liked the idea of doing. My invitation to learn how to build better things for better reasons through the lens of beauty, craft and design that you can meaningfully apply to your life and work.

Working directly with companies and organisations, I mentor individuals or teams, deliver inspirational learning as leadership programmes and advise on discovering unseen commercial opportunities. I provide businesses with a viable creative vision of what they can become, whilst keeping them honest and true to core values. These companies emerge award winning, desirable and profitable.

Beautifully Crafted Businesses create greater value and are ultimately more profitable. What would your business look like were it more beautiful?

We warmly invite your participation in three formats

[1] Half day / full day experience (interactive presentational)

[2] Two day experience, (tailored deeply experiential)

[3] Transformative Leadership Programme. (slow time based immersion and journey into becoming a Better human, Better Leader, Better Maker).

Read the Business case for Beautiful Business.

To book a call, or to ask for more information.  Send a beautiful hello.

Words from fellow travellers

“I don’t know how you do it – your work with us has left us asking many questions of ourselves, as an organisation. But you have also shown us a new path, and that path is beauty. I would not have used such a word before in the context of business. Now I – and my company understand its power as well as its real potential. On that journey you took us away from buzzwords, and gave, or more showed us a vision that is filled with practical optimism.”


“Sometimes you just need to stop, step back and reflect to make things better. We, as professionals, for whatever the reason, do not choose to make time for this on our daily routine. Thanks to Alan for giving us this opportunity by inspiring us to find the beauty in everything we do and to help us remember the real purpose of our being as a business. The journey to success starts with the quest for beauty.”

Ageas Portugal

“Thank you for such a profound and moving talk, for coming and for sharing all that time with us. Your story, the stories, the insights you shared were so thought provoking, moved me to tears a number of times and everyone who I’ve spoken to has said the same. What astonished me was how interwoven your talk was with all the themes of your book on beauty and design and how much sense that made to all of us.”

Helen COO

“Beauty is a verb. I do.”

“Beauty is a duty.”

“Proposing beauty as a promise stimulates optimism.”

“The lens of beauty changes how I now think about our investment portfolio.”

“Thank you Alan. You’ve given me a new word, a new way to look at things. And, you are leaving me full of hope.”

“My lesson learned, stay true to yourself and keep thinking what you are doing and, what you are doing to create more beauty.”

“Love the notion of beauty as an act, the act of opening up.”

“You have inspired my life and work practice.”

“Simply the conversation we had about beauty made me realise there were things in my life that were not as beautiful as they should be, quite the opposite. And that conversation gave me the courage to deal with those things and I am now in a better place. Better Human. Thank you.”

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