How to create a business the world needs, a transformative online course

‘How to create a business the world needs’.

Based on my forthcoming book ‘Do Build. How to make and lead a business the world needs‘, I’m running a transformative online course at Hawkwood.

This programme will help you to create a different type of business: one that will regenerate and restore our economy, our environment, and our civilisation. Are you ready to build a new reality?

In brief:

The world of business is in evolution. The single pursuit of ‘profit at any cost’ has been replaced by a desire to build companies that create a better future — and enjoy commercial success. In this 6 part programme business innovator Alan Moore draws on his own practice and his  years of research into some of the most pioneering and progressive businesses on the planet.

You will discover that it is possible to lead with generosity, create a company culture in which individuals flourish, to have a transparent supply chain, and create products and services that are transformational, bringing the good into the world, which are also profitable.

As Paul Hawken, the environmentalist and author writes about my new book,

“This may be the most enlightened, concise, and extraordinary book on business ever written. It could be said that true beauty and business have never met. They do here. They meet where commerce bids farewell to its extractive and degenerative past and becomes regenerative and transformative. Business has long known how to steal the future. Alan Moore describes flawlessly how it can heal the future.”

You can read the introduction to my book here.

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