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Meet the team

Over the years, I have been privileged to advise, teach and work with multiple leading businesses across six continents. I have designed everything from books to businesses. Worked with artists such as Anselm Kiefer, advised companies such as Microsoft. I have worked on Billion Dollar projects and helped startups find their feet with purpose. I have served as a board advisor and director.

I am the author of four books on creativity, design and business transformation. I run the Beautiful Leaders & Makers Programmes, and mentor anyone whose wish is to bring more beauty into this world.

I have practised as a craftsman and designer all my life, and I still work as an artist.

I try everyday to lead a life as beautifully as I possibly can.

Find out more by reading my full biography.

In conversation with David Hieatt

Founder of Do Lectures and Hiut Denim, Dave Hieatt discusses why beauty is necessary for businesses today.

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