Felt knowledge as experience

Sometimes, we need to feel something rather than analyse it. To feel time, to feel space and place, to feel love and to reflect, to touch and go into nature and revel in the crafting of of something unique. Sometimes we need to be open to a new experience, to take its crooked path to a deeper meaning about who we are, and perhaps where we belong. Sometimes its good to feel humbled by nature and reflect on how we only exist within her nurture, as much as we might abuse it. Sometimes its good to feel the mystical as we know. Experience is felt knowledge, and we have in fact 32 sense not 5. As they always work in multiple combinations.

Walk through the front door, smell the warm baking bread that makes a house a home. Feel the cold visceral shock of the ocean as the waves break on your body. Lie in a wild meadow and watch the clouds scud across the sky. Slowly breathe in the scent of summer rain. Pull on your favourite jumper, feel how you enjoy its softness. Take a walk through a wood, listen to the sounds and sense the endless shades of green, witness the shapes of the trees.

. . .

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