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Since publishing Do Design. Why beauty is key to everything. I have evolved and developed a deeper understanding of how, beauty as a lens, framework even a philosophy – can be applied to how we live, how we become better humans, how we can develop our leadership, and, how we can find deeper meaning in our work, working practices. Concluding in what we make, and, why we make it. Beauty calls us, because it is the model upon which our universe works. There is a business case for beauty — it is the ultimate metric. Over the last 15 months our work has involved going deeper, exploring the possibility of beauty as a lens and design as an application and what it means.

We have published a monthly Newsletter, Guides and conducted wide ranging Interviews in which a collective deeper knowledge and insight with people engaged in the pursuit of bringing more good into the his world, is shared.

The weave of beauty and design: over the coming months Beautiful Business is developing a collection of resources which will further demonstrate, ‘why and how’ beauty can be applied in all we do. Beauty surrounds us. We cannot bring beauty into this world unless we can see it in ourselves, we cannot bring beautiful business into this world unless we know how to lead with values, compassion, and determination. And we cannot make beautiful businesses unless we know how to make them.

Below are the broad topic areas. Research papers including, PHD’s, MSC’s, books etc., are all welcome. I will publish all work with full credits and links, sharing via the newsletter and forthcoming publications. We need more beautiful leaders and makers in the is world, we need more beautiful businesses,

If you have something to share be in touch

* Wellbeing

* Creativity and wellbeing

* Creativity and identity

* Compassionate leadership

* Collaborative leadership

* Organisation design

* Regenerative business

* Circular economy in manufacturing and supply chains

* Purpose

* Purpose in leadership

* Workplace cultures

* Benefits of design

* Nature and health

* Human experience and the senses

* Craftsmanship as workplace philosophy

* Beauty and the laws of the universe

* Designing trust in ai systems,

* Physics and beauty

* Wellbeing and GDP

* Permaculture

* Biophilia

* Architecture and the future of building

If you have something to share be in touch



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