Start with optimism

Where do we start any piece of work? We want to be inspired, to be excited about the creative potential of making something useful. It could be a new piece of personal work, it might be a business challenge, but key is to be intrigued enough to lean forward and give it your full attention. Start with really wanting to bring something good into the world. You need to feel optimistic so that infuses the work.

Write the narrative of what a best possible outcome looks like. What does it feel like? How is it helping people in their lives? How does it give them joy and delight? How can this piece of work bring value to the world? Then ask yourself how you might get to that destination. What I find is that if we start with why we can’t do something, we tend not to find the means to overcome that challenge — we are defeated before we have even begun.

Whereas when one believes with conviction that this design is the right one, all the other stuff becomes simply logistics to be dealt with.

. . .

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