Living Beautifully Newsletter No.19

Living Beautifully by is a regular newsletter to share and inspire a different way of looking at the world: we have all had enough of ugly. I am curious about beauty – why does beauty call us? Why do we know instinctively beauty is about truth and ethics and, a life lived that feels worthwhile? Celebrating beauty, honouring craftsmanship, as well as making better things for better reasons. Newsletter No.19.

In this newsletter ::

Words of wisdom from a young New York based film-maker.

A film from Patagonia which asks a question about the human soul.

People that are making beautiful experiences through the connections they make.

Stuff that’s beautifully made

I explore what it means to restore the human spirit and our planet.

In architecture and 100 buildings made from wood.

A friend drops by a haiku poets house in Japan.

“You can’t make food without love”, my brother tells me, and he’s a great cook.

So we look at food made with love and what that means.

Beautiful reads this month: a book about technology and how we handle its progress, words and thoughts from a wise man, as well as what Neuroscience has to learn from Buddhism.

With insights ::

A fascinating film about the future of design.

Pioneering cities dealing with climate change.

Why wellbeing as a practice increases productivity, revenue and profit at work.

Getting sensible about ai, machine learning, and extended intelligence. With pearls of wisdom from Stanford Prof. ​Fei-Fei Li, and Joi Ito of MIT.

And some great research on Edumonia and Creativity which has just been published.

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