The Beautiful Leaders Programme

Over the last year, I have been prototyping ‘The Beautiful Leaders Programme’.

I have spent time looking at a range of businesses that inspire a different way of looking at the world. I went in search of profitable businesses across the globe that are enduringly beautiful. From that inspiring journey came an extensive record of companies that show business can be worthwhile, meaningful and profitable. I have been speaking to leaders that run their businesses with love, care and purpose. And in so doing, whether its a billion dollar company like Xero, or a business located in a small community, there are clear reasons why they succeed. I have worked with CEO’s, institutional investors, teams in companies, and individuals that wanted to explore how beauty as a lens could help them become better leaders.

Beautiful Business is offering retreats to help people become better leaders.

If we can be more beautiful in our thoughts, in our actions, and, in how we interact with the world, we can learn to live and lead more beautifully. Beautiful Leadership is about integrating a sense of beauty into leaders and their imaginations about the people with whom they work. How they see the world—increasing their depth of field, and, how that can deeply inform their ways of working. To develop ways of seeing and understanding beauty in all its incarnations.

There can be a grace in leadership that enobles, is energising, optimistic. Even joyful.

Beautiful Leadership is about potential and possibility. And why should a business not be those things? Why can’t leadership bring out the very best in people? Because that’s where the really good work gets done. When we experience beauty we feel called – to do, to make, to create, to craft, with energy and purpose.

By demonstrating how we can use beauty as a lens, with design as an application, I show people how to find opportunities for improving their business and its impact on the planet, whatever the sector. It is an alternative worldview that is practical and actionable.

A CEO recently asked me ‘Can any business be beautiful?’, my reply was ‘Why would you want to do it any other way?’

Beautiful Leaders

  1. Why purpose led businesses are more successful
  2. Explore what beautiful leadership looks like
  3. Exploring values based approach to leadership
  4. Why quick-fix leadership creates ugly outcomes
  5. How to build and lead a design led business that delivers meaning, purpose and integrity

If you would like to know more about the Beautiful Leadership programme, please be in touch

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